Cement Tiles Descripton

Vietnam Lotus cement tiles was born in a family with tradition of making cement tiles in 1990s, the first cement tiles were produced at Tung Nhi village specialized in trading cement materials of Truc Thang commune, Truc Ninh district, Nam Dinh province. |Consevating and promoting the tradition, Vietnam Lotus cement tiles brand is constantly improving to become an art craft masterpiece with various colors and delicate patterns.

Encaustic cement tiles include 2 main layers. The first layer is usually 2 mm thick, it is pigment layer. The other layer is body one and is a mixture of high quality cement and fine sand to make sure about hardness of tile.

Vietnam Lotus Tiles bring a natural and unique charm, easy to use for both indoor and outdoor tiling and commercial housing projects. For the most effective use, the cement tiles surface is polished and, covered a suitable UV protection coating for outdoor constructions, or waterproof grease and stain resistant for indoor constructions, or anti-slip for swimming pool and water tank.

100% Vietnamese Lotus cement tiles are recyclable and environmentally friendly because production process use safe materials with environment and no use of burning fuel
Come with us and choose the most favorite designs or patterns for your house! If you wish to have a private space using the patterns you design by yourself – Please contact us and we will give you inspiring ideas and help you to make it come true.