Ask – Answer


Here are some frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. If you have any other questions regarding our products and services, please submit your questions to Thanks.

1. Can you make custom design ?

Yes, we can make custom cement tile designs. This requires making a custom “new divider mold”. We have the best artisans for making custom divider mold in-house and can create divider molds for almost any designs from our customers. Getting a custom cement tile design will take a bit longer and there is an additional cost.

2. Can you make custom color?

Yes, we have the gallery of upto 100 colors, we can match almost any colors. Getting a custom color will take a bit of time and an additional cost.

3. How many colors can be made in one tile?

There is unlimited amount of colors in one tile. We also get some patterns of up to 10 colors.

4. What shapes and sizes do you offer?

We have different shapes of Square in size of, 14x14cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm,
Hexagonal in size of 20x23cm.

Besides, we can make other designs following customers’ request and based on the technology of our production.